Ada Fishing Resort


As of Tuesday October 3, 2017 we have seen one bright coho with the scales still on it and about 20 inches caught off the dock.  Looks like the season is starting.  WooHoo.

Siltcoos lake is opened year round to fishing.

This lake has Trout, Bass, Perch,  Catfish, Coho Salmon, Sturgeon, and more.

Sea Run Trout are also starting to show up in good numbers.

Sea Run Cutthroat Trout ranging in size from one to three pounds come to this lake primarily in early spring and late fall. 

There is a small dam on Siltcoos lake and along the side is a fish ladder with water running freely through it at all times.  Makes no real difference if the dam is opened or closed as the fish have an easy route to come into the lake. 

We expect this year to be especially good for Bass, Catfish and Perch.

The Coho Salmon season begins October 01 and continues until December 31.

Trolling in front of the resort has been a favorite for many guests as well as casting along the lake edges.  Remember to Have Fun!

Come on out and enjoy the summer.

As news and info comes in we will keep you updated.

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